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Vidya Daanam is a Sanskrit phrase that essentially means 'The Gift of Education'.

“Vidya Daanam” is a program that is designed to empower under-privileged children born in rural and remote tribal areas in India by providing them the opportunity of an adequate modern education. Since these children come from extremely poor homes, we also aim to provide them adequate healthy food and the kind of supportive environment that promotes the holistic development of the child.

Without this kind of wholesome support, the children are likely to regress back into the habits of their parental social environment which in many cases is not conducive to the child’s future.

“Vidya Daanam” is an attempt to create futures that were not otherwise going to happen.Our programs are delivered through our exceptional partner organizations in India.

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"The gift of food is great indeed, but the gift of knowledge is paramount. While satisfaction gained from food is only temporary, knowledge can bring a lifetime of satisfaction".

अन्न दानं महा दानं विद्या दानं महत्तरम् |
अन्नेन क्षणिक तृप्तिः यावज्जीवनन्तु विद्यया ||

Sanatana Dharma Foundation, through its Vidya Daanam initiative takes great care to ensure that donations collected under the Vidya Daanam initiative are used for supporting educational charitable initiatives that preserve to some degree the "Hindu" character of its beneficiaries. In other words, while supporting a general modern education, these initiatives also ensure that there are adequate "Hindu" additives to impart a degree of culture and religion based education as well.