Hindu Festival Media Initiative, a strategic project designed by Hinduism Today in collaboration with the Sanatana Dharma Foundation.

Please find below an invaluable collection of visually rich and authentic information on 15 most common Hindu festivals, in ready-to-print style.

These posters will answer your basic questions like "Why do we celebrate Diwali", "What is the significance of Holi" , "Is there a Hindu Christmas" etc

Please pass it on to your friends. Its a must read for every Hindu. These posters are excellent teaching resources for families, schools, summer camps, temples, ashrams, bloggers, etc.

Here are the list of festivals that are covered by this media initiative.

  1. Hindu New Year
  2. Guru Purnima
  3. Varalakshmi Vrata
  4. Krishna Jayanthi
  5. Ganesha Chaturthi
  6. Navaratri
  7. Diwali
  8. Skanda Shashti
  9. Pancha Ganapati
  10. Vaikunta Ekadashi
  11. Sankranti/Pongal
  12. Thai Pusam
  13. Holi
  14. Mahasivaratri
  15. Rama Navami
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